My Lil Ole $11 #OOTD!

  It seems like FOREVER since I've blogged!! Actually... it HAS been forever! Lol! I just wanted to share a few quick details of one of my casual work #OOTD from this week!! So on this particular day, it was FREEZING outside and I wanted to wear something that was pretty comfy/casual as well as vintagy (is that a real word??). Anywho... So, I decided to create what I wanted!
  Oftentimes, many of the looks that we DESIRE to have we ALREADY HAVE!! It's just a matter of being creative and being willing to research style influencers/ fashion bloggers and take tips on what... and HOW they pair clothing pieces! Taking a leap isn't THAT bad and it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg to get it done! So with that being said, take a peek at my outfit details! It DEFINITELY didn't break the bank... and you shouldn't either!!

Pictured Outfit:

1. Vintage Crimson Leather Coat:

Where I Bought it! Goodwill of North Georgia

How much I Paid? $6.89


2. Grey Long Hoodie w/ Pockets:

Where I Bought it! H&M

How much I Paid? $3.00 (YEP!!! ONLY $3!! It was on Clearance!)


3. Fa'brik Black Leggings w/ Faux Leather Sides:

Where I Bought it! Park Ave Thrift Store Duluth

How much I Paid? $2.22 (They rang them up as sleepwear instead of pants! A WIN for me!)


4. Adidas Metallic Snakeskin Superstars:

Where I Got Them! MY MAMA! (They were a birthday gift! My 2nd time wearing them!)

How much I Paid? NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING, $0.00, Free.99!

(Don't y'all remember me saying they were a gift?! Lol!)

Where She Got Them! Adidas

How much She Paid? $89.00


My Total #OOTD Cost:

$6.89 + $3.00 + $2.22 + FREE = 





Cozy... Casual... CAMO!

Camo prints have DEFINITELY made a grand entrance this Spring! From Pants to Joggers and Shirts to Jackets... Camoflauge is HERE TO STAY! I am almost borderline in ranking this print as my #1 Alternative Nude! It goes SO well with SO many different things... How could you NOT consider this a Nude!?

This Sundays outfit was no exception! I wanted to be comfy, stylish and edgy and these pieces paired together DEFINITELY gave the look that I was searching for!!

Here are the Deets to this #OOTD:

~Authentic Military Jacket: {Goodwill Conyers $5}

~ F21 Army Green Midi Dress: {Forever 21Orlando $18}

~Steve Madden Gold Metallic Tassled Shoes: {Burlington Coat Factory $13}






Party + Friends + Food = Fashion!



I always enjoy spending time with my FRAMILY (friends+family)!!  This night was NO DIFFERENT!!  There were LOTS of laughs, good eats and celebration going on! Since the plan was to meet up directly after leaving my boutique... I had to be strategic in what I would wear. Something COMFY... CASUAL... yet DRESSY! Kinda hard to do, right??With ALL of this in mind... I decided to throw together one of my FAVORITE outfits! 


Here are the Deets to this #OOTD:

~Vintage Magenta Blazer: {Goodwill Dunwoody $6}

~Mossimo Distressed Denim: {Park Ave. Thrift Duluth $3.97}

~Metallic Magenta Peep Toe Mules: {TJ Maxx Johns Creek $14}

~Vintage Classic Chanel Handbag: {Park Ave. Thrift $30}

~Gold Brooches: {Goodwill $3.93ea}

The BIRTHDAY BOY! #TarrioBroome
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One of my FAVES!!! The BEST Cake Baker that I KNOW!! LaVonda Wright of
If y'all love Red Velvet, Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Banana Pudding Cake and Key Lime Cake.... GRAB A SLICE FROM HER!! (shameless plug) 
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Pattern Mix.UP!

05 April 2017

Pattern Mix.UP!

Sometimes... Mixing patterns, colors and textures can be a DARING thing to do! I consider Leopard print to be a Neutral color and I LOVE to throw it on and go! So, on this particular Sunday, I decided to pair window pane and leopard prints with my distressed denim to get the ultimate fashionable outfit inspo!


 Here are the #OOTD Deets:
~Leopard Midi Length Top:
{Goodwill Alpharetta $4}
~Oasis Denim Distressed Jeans:  
{Plato's Closet Buford $8}
~Vintage David Hayes Red Overcoat:
{Goodwill Covington $10.97}
~Steve Madden Leopard Fringe Booties:
{Goodwill Dunwoody $6}



Now... I have been KILLING these brooches for the past 2 weeks since I've gotten them!! I felt that they were PERFECT for me in style AND in price!! Where did I snag THESE little babies from?? Goodwill Norcross $3.93ea!



Shopping for and putting pieces together for a great outfit isn't as hard as what we make it. Most of the time, it starts with your mindset and your willingness to take a fashionable risk! Just try standing in front of a mirror one day, grab all of your cutest pieces and try them on in different ways. Snap a quick shot of the outfits that you've created so that you won't forget! I'm SURE you'll have FUN while giving your outfits a HUGE Boost!  



Outfit: Shirt + Overcoat: Goodwill OR Forever 21

Shop Shoes Like These: Steve Madden OR Sam Edelman

Denim Jeans: Platos Closet OR H&M

{OOTD}: Looking RICH...Without Going BROKE!



Looking Good has NEVER been so easy these days! A few of my FAVORITE places to shop have made it infallible and a fool proof to SAVE but also have that fashionable edge!

This Maroon Wide Leg Jumper came from Target!! Can you believe it? It's a corduroy material and SUPER soft! And guess what section I found it from.... ON THE CLEARANCE RACK!! They had several up there for ONLY $8.98! So you KNOW that I had to snag one to add to my already extensive wardrobe!


{Denim Top}:


NOW... on to this FAB Black Denim Ruffled Top from none other than my 2nd ABSOLUTE FAVE store... ZARA! This Trafuluc top was purchased from the Brand New Zara store in Disney Springs in Orlando! Because I visited right before the New Year Holiday, they had a STOREWIDE sale that was TO DIE FOR! So, needless to say... this top was purchased for $9.99! Yep, I know... a STEAL right?? 


The Denim + Lace + Distressed Fringe along the cuff and hem screamed.. "BUY ME!" as I walked passed! Like... No, for real! Lol! So I just threw it across my arm and RAN to the checkout with this and my OTHER 13 PIECES!




Because I'm sooo short... I had to wear shoes to kinda offset this major challenge! LOL! I paired this entire outfit with my Michael Kors Studded Leather Booties purchased from NORDSTROM for $109!



I know... I can hear you saying "Ummm...Maam! Well THOSE weren't cheap!" Listen Folks... you have to pick and choose your fashion battles here! And for me, I would rather spend LESS on clothes and MORE on SHOES!! Always been like this and I DEFINITELY don't foresee changing anytime soon! After all, you should want to buy the BEST in footwear to ensure that the class, style and integrity of your feet and your outfit are NEVER compromised!






THIS was the BEST piece to my ENTIRE outfit!! Many of you probably don't know that the name of our boutique 33andHarvard, was derived from our roots!! My grandmother was a successful, self educated Entrepreneur, and Fashionista who instilled in us EVERYTHING that we know and breathe! It was only right that we extend this "Ode to Nana" and our Boston heritage by naming our boutique after our old street in Beantown! 

I was given this brooch after she passed away last September and I treasure it! It was great to add this bit of flair, LOVE, and history to my outfit! I'll always cherish her and will ALWAYS remember, that if it had not been for her...there would be no 33andHarvard!


 Our "After Church Photo Shoot"! 

l-r  My great Girlfriend Tay, Me, David & my lil one TJ 








Top 5 Tips for KILLING the Ankle Boots & Jeans Trend for Fall!

Hey Guys!!

  Since I absolutely LOVE ankle boots and ripped or distressed jeans for ANY weather (LOL), I decided to share with you the top 5 trends for this fashion pair that I read about online from! Hope that you enjoy...AND give it a try this FALL!




1. Roll the cuff of your jeans just above your boots to show them off.

If you tend to reach for your skinny jeans every time you’re in the mood to wear ankle boots, it’s time to change things up. Cuffing denim above the ankle (rather than trying to tuck jeans into your boots) allows you to wear straight leg or boyfriend jeans, too. Just think of all the possibilities! This pairing works best when you’re working with a pair of high-heeled booties—added height offsets the tomboyish look of baggy cut jeans.
To cuff your jeans, simply fold the hem of your jeans about two-inches, and then fold a second time to get the desired length. A little tip: it’s often easier to cuff your jeans before putting them on, and then just adjust afterwards as needed.

2. Fold the hem of skinny jeans inward.

If your jeans are too long to really show off your boots in the best light, fold the hem inwards and tuck them in, so that the fold is invisible. This works best on skinny cuts and will look like you’ve had your jeans tailored to the perfect length, rather than cuffed. Do this before you actually pull the jeans on, and iron the cuff to make sure the crease stays sharp and flat all day.

3. Rip your hem.

Pull out a pair of scissors and snip your skinny denim to crop them at the perfect length to show off your ankle boots. We recommend that you use a tape measure and pencil to mark exactly where you would like to cut, and then use a sharp pair of fabric scissors to cut along the outline. Leave them un-hemmed for an intentionally distressed finish. Try this trick to give your tired skinny, boyfriend, or straight jeans a fresh attitude.

4. Go monochromatic.

If it’s longer legs you’re after (who isn’t), pick boots in the same color as your denim. This is an easy way to make your legs appear leaner and longer, and works best when you also choose a high-heeled boot.

5. Opt for pants with a zipper cuff.

Are you wearing jeans or pants with a zipper hem this winter? Well, rather than zipping ’em up and tucking them into your boots, open up the zipper, and leave the hem open and untucked over a pair of statement ankle boots.

Want more info:

Read more:

Wardrobe Winners!! 3 Essentials to Make You Love Mornings Again...

  I know that many of you aren't like me! I absolutely LOVE the mornings! It's something about getting up early and having a whole day of possibilities waiting for you! On the weekends, I love to lay around and enjoy my snuggly and plush comforter, throwing on my FAVE pair of jeans and "Swaggolicious" top (you like that word right?), go out for breakfast and run those many morning errands that we ALL love…Bank, Post Office and Target… just to name a few!

  But on the "so not the weekend" mornings, planning a commendable outfit can sometimes be a hassle! Today, I'll share with you a few fashionable pieces that can be apart of your "Go To" Wardrobe Grabs!  These are fun, fresh and chic items that I know you will love, may already have in your closet or won't be a burden on your wallet!!


1. A Flouncy Skirt



This skirt can be respectfully paired with a blazer or sweater and layered underneath with a nice denim or white blouse!  This is a quick and easy "go to" piece that doesn't need ironing and can be dressed up or down for a FABULOUS Fall look!



2. The Pullover Sweater




One of my all-time favorite things to wear…especially for this season! It is comfy, chic and can take the place of wearing a HUGE, DREADFUL overcoat or jacket! If worn right, you won't be disappointed…and neither will your admirers! (LOL!)


3. A "HOT" Suit





 Now…THIS is just…ME!!!  The concept of wearing suits kinda went out of style some years ago, but now… they're baaaack!!!  And I absolutely LOVE them!!! Suits are easy and if BOLD color accessories and tops are worn with them, the possibilities are endless!!  Be creative with your suit choices.  Visit the Thrift Stores and the Goodwill in your area for a vintage fit and feel!  They usually fit just perfect or will need minor alterations for this sleek look!!


Enjoy the Discoveries in Your Closet…Or Make New Ones!!




So...Your Zipper Won't Stay Up?

A common problem with pants zippers is a zipper that won't stay up! This can lead to all types of embarrassing situations. Unfortunately, you can't really fix this problem permanently unless you completely replace the zipper.

That said, you have two simple temporary fixes. The easiest is to slide a key ring through the zipper pull and over your pants button. This keeps the zipper up in a simple way. If you'd prefer a little more flexibility, you can also try a rubber band.



Good Luck!!

Hope this works for you!!







Shop Under $50 Finds From Toms & Target!

Cute and charitable shoe brand Toms has teamed up with Target for an amazing collab just in time for the holidays! You know how when you buy a pair of Toms shoes, the brand gives a pair to someone in need? Well, Toms is sticking to that plan with its Target collection—but taking it a step further. The collection includes clothes, shoes, and accessories ALL under $50, and all include a one-for-one component, too. So you'll be giving back with every item you buy!


Check out some of the cutest picks and what you'll be giving to those in need by shopping!!

Then head to Target and on
November 16th! 
1. Poncho, $28. Gives one blanket.
2. Graphic Tees, $16 each. Gives one week of meals. 
3. iPhone Cases, $25 each. Gives one week of meals. 
4. Denim Jacket, $40. Gives one week of meals. 
5. Popover Shirt, $26. Gives one week of meals. 
6. Set Of Three Bracelets, $15. Gives one week of meals. 
7. Shoes, $48. Gives one pair of shoes.