Shake Things Up!!

10 January 2014

Shake Things Up!!

Well...we made it to the LAUNCH!!!

I feel like it took FOREVER to get here!

  I just wanted to leave you with a few pointers on how you can "Shake Things Up!" After all, it is 2014 right?? For years, my passion has always been in finding spectacular fashion pieces at AWESOME prices! I L-O-V-E to mix & match and add different textural pieces together to create a fabulous but classic look!
  Thrift stores, vintage & antique shoppes and bargain stores are my friends! It is in these places that I find the best pieces without having to pay a fortune! So, the key to doing this?? Patience!! You have to take the time to thoroughly look through the racks for fabulous finds! I would rather substitute my time perusing and sliding hangers for the opportunity of not having to pay retail!! Here are a few tips on how you can shake up your wardrobe and your life!


1. Invest In Classic Pieces.

(Blazers, t-shirts, black dress, fitted pants, skinny jeans, leggings)


2. Be Bold...Mix Textures!

(denim shirts, cords, bulky sweaters, jeans, embellished sweatshirts, textured & printed tights)


3. Lose Apprehensions About Thrift Stores.

    (Just get in there...I promise you'll find something!!)


4. Matching Is For Babies!!

    (Enough Said! Be Edgy!)


5. The Jewelry Factor...

    (When all else fails…dress simple then “WOW” them with your arm candy!)

    Learn to LOVE & sport precious stones, crystals, metals and beading to compliment 

    what you wear!


6. Strategize: Learn to Use Pieces You Have Already.

   (Shop your OWN closet regularly and create new outfits)


7. ALWAYS Let Your SHOES & Your WATCH Make a Satement!!


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