Cowboys N' Indians…Boots United!!

06 February 2014

Cowboys N' Indians…Boots United!!

Arch Rivals??…Nah!!  

Well…who would've thought that Cowboys n' Indians would come together in unity to create the
HOTTEST fashion statements this season!!
As shown in our "Shop My Look" section of 33andharvard, Cowboy Boots have definitely arrived on the scene as the "Most Wanted" shoe accessory for men & women! They are perfect for ANY outfit and
the MORE worn they are…the BETTER!!!  Cowboy Boots come in many colors and styles and its always best to choose the pair that fit with your personality OR style!


The second best boot "Must Have" for the season is the Moccasin!!  Super chic Moccasins come in a variety of colors and materials.  The best fashion forward color trends are Tan, Black & Grey and the styles also vary ranging from ankle fringed to a 3-Tiered Fringe!!  Grab a pair today and throw them on creating your very own.. Grunge Chic Look!!

All in all…whatever the season and whatever your fashion style…in the Cowboy Boot or the Moccasin,
YOU will DEFINITELY be making a STATEMENT!!     

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