Wardrobe Winners!! 3 Essentials to Make You Love Mornings Again...

28 October 2014

Wardrobe Winners!! 3 Essentials to Make You Love Mornings Again...

  I know that many of you aren't like me! I absolutely LOVE the mornings! It's something about getting up early and having a whole day of possibilities waiting for you! On the weekends, I love to lay around and enjoy my snuggly and plush comforter, throwing on my FAVE pair of jeans and "Swaggolicious" top (you like that word right?), go out for breakfast and run those many morning errands that we ALL love…Bank, Post Office and Target… just to name a few!

  But on the "so not the weekend" mornings, planning a commendable outfit can sometimes be a hassle! Today, I'll share with you a few fashionable pieces that can be apart of your "Go To" Wardrobe Grabs!  These are fun, fresh and chic items that I know you will love, may already have in your closet or won't be a burden on your wallet!!


1. A Flouncy Skirt



This skirt can be respectfully paired with a blazer or sweater and layered underneath with a nice denim or white blouse!  This is a quick and easy "go to" piece that doesn't need ironing and can be dressed up or down for a FABULOUS Fall look!



2. The Pullover Sweater




One of my all-time favorite things to wear…especially for this season! It is comfy, chic and can take the place of wearing a HUGE, DREADFUL overcoat or jacket! If worn right, you won't be disappointed…and neither will your admirers! (LOL!)


3. A "HOT" Suit





 Now…THIS is just…ME!!!  The concept of wearing suits kinda went out of style some years ago, but now… they're baaaack!!!  And I absolutely LOVE them!!! Suits are easy and if BOLD color accessories and tops are worn with them, the possibilities are endless!!  Be creative with your suit choices.  Visit the Thrift Stores and the Goodwill in your area for a vintage fit and feel!  They usually fit just perfect or will need minor alterations for this sleek look!!


Enjoy the Discoveries in Your Closet…Or Make New Ones!!




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