Cozy... Casual... CAMO!

Camo prints have DEFINITELY made a grand entrance this Spring! From Pants to Joggers and Shirts to Jackets... Camoflauge is HERE TO STAY! I am almost borderline in ranking this print as my #1 Alternative Nude! It goes SO well with SO many different things... How could you NOT consider this a Nude!?

This Sundays outfit was no exception! I wanted to be comfy, stylish and edgy and these pieces paired together DEFINITELY gave the look that I was searching for!!

Here are the Deets to this #OOTD:

~Authentic Military Jacket: {Goodwill Conyers $5}

~ F21 Army Green Midi Dress: {Forever 21Orlando $18}

~Steve Madden Gold Metallic Tassled Shoes: {Burlington Coat Factory $13}






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