My Lil Ole $11 #OOTD!

  It seems like FOREVER since I've blogged!! Actually... it HAS been forever! Lol! I just wanted to share a few quick details of one of my casual work #OOTD from this week!! So on this particular day, it was FREEZING outside and I wanted to wear something that was pretty comfy/casual as well as vintagy (is that a real word??). Anywho... So, I decided to create what I wanted!
  Oftentimes, many of the looks that we DESIRE to have we ALREADY HAVE!! It's just a matter of being creative and being willing to research style influencers/ fashion bloggers and take tips on what... and HOW they pair clothing pieces! Taking a leap isn't THAT bad and it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg to get it done! So with that being said, take a peek at my outfit details! It DEFINITELY didn't break the bank... and you shouldn't either!!

Pictured Outfit:

1. Vintage Crimson Leather Coat:

Where I Bought it! Goodwill of North Georgia

How much I Paid? $6.89


2. Grey Long Hoodie w/ Pockets:

Where I Bought it! H&M

How much I Paid? $3.00 (YEP!!! ONLY $3!! It was on Clearance!)


3. Fa'brik Black Leggings w/ Faux Leather Sides:

Where I Bought it! Park Ave Thrift Store Duluth

How much I Paid? $2.22 (They rang them up as sleepwear instead of pants! A WIN for me!)


4. Adidas Metallic Snakeskin Superstars:

Where I Got Them! MY MAMA! (They were a birthday gift! My 2nd time wearing them!)

How much I Paid? NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING, $0.00, Free.99!

(Don't y'all remember me saying they were a gift?! Lol!)

Where She Got Them! Adidas

How much She Paid? $89.00


My Total #OOTD Cost:

$6.89 + $3.00 + $2.22 + FREE = 





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