{OOTD}: Looking RICH...Without Going BROKE!



Looking Good has NEVER been so easy these days! A few of my FAVORITE places to shop have made it infallible and a fool proof to SAVE but also have that fashionable edge!

This Maroon Wide Leg Jumper came from Target!! Can you believe it? It's a corduroy material and SUPER soft! And guess what section I found it from.... ON THE CLEARANCE RACK!! They had several up there for ONLY $8.98! So you KNOW that I had to snag one to add to my already extensive wardrobe!


{Denim Top}:


NOW... on to this FAB Black Denim Ruffled Top from none other than my 2nd ABSOLUTE FAVE store... ZARA! This Trafuluc top was purchased from the Brand New Zara store in Disney Springs in Orlando! Because I visited right before the New Year Holiday, they had a STOREWIDE sale that was TO DIE FOR! So, needless to say... this top was purchased for $9.99! Yep, I know... a STEAL right?? 


The Denim + Lace + Distressed Fringe along the cuff and hem screamed.. "BUY ME!" as I walked passed! Like... No, for real! Lol! So I just threw it across my arm and RAN to the checkout with this and my OTHER 13 PIECES!




Because I'm sooo short... I had to wear shoes to kinda offset this major challenge! LOL! I paired this entire outfit with my Michael Kors Studded Leather Booties purchased from NORDSTROM for $109!



I know... I can hear you saying "Ummm...Maam! Well THOSE weren't cheap!" Listen Folks... you have to pick and choose your fashion battles here! And for me, I would rather spend LESS on clothes and MORE on SHOES!! Always been like this and I DEFINITELY don't foresee changing anytime soon! After all, you should want to buy the BEST in footwear to ensure that the class, style and integrity of your feet and your outfit are NEVER compromised!






THIS was the BEST piece to my ENTIRE outfit!! Many of you probably don't know that the name of our boutique 33andHarvard, was derived from our roots!! My grandmother was a successful, self educated Entrepreneur, and Fashionista who instilled in us EVERYTHING that we know and breathe! It was only right that we extend this "Ode to Nana" and our Boston heritage by naming our boutique after our old street in Beantown! 

I was given this brooch after she passed away last September and I treasure it! It was great to add this bit of flair, LOVE, and history to my outfit! I'll always cherish her and will ALWAYS remember, that if it had not been for her...there would be no 33andHarvard!


 Our "After Church Photo Shoot"! 

l-r  My great Girlfriend Tay, Me, David & my lil one TJ 








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